h1 Welcome to Verdandesha

War has erupted. The Kingdom of Codoan, under the leadership of Riccardo the Cruel, seeks to overtake most of the north continent. The other northern nations, allied with the Kingdom of Novalbion, refuse to fall without a fight, but Riccardo’s army is well-trained and ruthless. Riccardo has just planned his most devastating offensive yet: a siege on Calderon, the trade capital of Novalbion. If Calderon falls, so falls the northern continent.

Legend tells of a mystical weapons hidden deep in the Desert of Unanswered Questions. It was used to win the last Great War, but when the war was ended, its creator decided the weapon was far too dangerous to ever be used again. The weapon has been sealed away for 1000 years. Now it may be Novalbion’s only hope.

The Night Majestic